The Great MPG Contest

Do the best small cars really use less fuel than a scooter? We pitted a Kia Rio (claims 88.3mpg) against a Honda Vision 110 to find out You hear it all the time these days: “My car uses less fuel than your scooter.” Given the number of tiddly hatchbacks claiming over 70mpg – even over… Read more »

The Dorset Blueberry Company

There’s more to blueberries than muffins – Peter Henshaw visits the Dorset Blueberry Company to find out more Pictures: Peter Henshaw/Dorset Blueberry Co I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought of blueberries as being quintessentially American. Maybe that’s thanks to the ubiquitous muffin. Which just goes to show how wrong you can be,… Read more »

It Dare Not Speak Its Name

Millicent paused before hammering in the next nail. It was jolly hot! The afternoon that is, not the nail. She wiped a few delicate, jewel-like beads of perspiration from her gently glowing forehead and set down the hammer. She half wished she had never taken the job on, but no, building an opium den for… Read more »

Super Fast Electric Bike

FIRST RIDE – PAGAN EQUALISER An electric bicycle that tops 55mph! Or is it a motorcycle? Electric bicycles can be a useful alternative to mopeds for short trips, but being legally limited to 15.5mph and 250 watts (about 0.3bhp) they don’t exactly set the tarmac on fire. You can buy fruitier ones, claiming up to… Read more »

The Little Grey Tractor

‘Gran, please! I’ll be all right, and I’d love to go round the fair with my school friends.’ Sarah sighed. Her granddaughter was a happy-go-lucky nine-year-old, her eyes dancing above shining red cheeks and an infectious smile. Behind her, a trio of giggly girls looked up at the older woman expectantly. ‘Well all right,’ she… Read more »